You are now in the IT Support Officers' Room, from this room you will be able to contact the IT Support Officers. The room is an open plan office. Joseph Tan is sitting at his workstation using the computer. Joseph's workstation is towards the back of the room on the left hand side. Susan York is standing close to Joseph's workstation. Alexa Smith is also sitting at her workstation using the computer. Her workstation is towards the front of the room on the right hand side. Positioned on Alexa's desk is a telephone and a dictionary. Jennifer Kickett and Ivor Debranski are standing and conversing in front of Alexa's workstation. To the right of Alexa's desk is a room divider, on the divider a notice board is mounted. Pinned to the notice board is a sheet of Paper title: for discussion. From this notice board you can access Discussion Topics. In front of the notice board is a fax machine sitting on a small table. On the left hand side, at the front of the room is a bookcase positioned against a wall. The bookcase contains books on:[change_me] Policies, Procedures, Worksafe. These books can be accessed for information. Kevin Thomas is standing close to the bookcase. He is reaching out to select a book. At the rear of the IT Support Room there is a door to the Training Room. You cannot access the training room from here. You will need to contact an IT Support Officer to get access to the Training Room. To the left of the Training Room door is a four drawer filing cabinet. To contact an IT Support Officer, tab to their name link and press enter.
IT Support Room
Trainee Workstation
Communication Tools