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Photo of Bob your Mentor
Hi, I'm Bob, your project mentor. In these two projects I'll support you in planning, costing and constructing custom furniture.

Gallagher's is a small company producing custom-made furniture. At Gallagher's, as in most workplaces, you'll need to follow enterprise practices for all stages of fabrication, including completing several workplace documents. Before commencing, create a project folder for completed worksheets to hand to your trainer.
An example photo of a wall unit In this project, you will meet with the customer, gather specifications, measure the job, then draw, cost and construct a wall unit. This wall unit will be a prototype. The customer plans to order several more for other locations if the prototype meets his requirements.

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An example photo of a chair In this project, you will identify customer needs, generate a job quote, establish a work plan, develop drawings, determine fabrication materials, create cutting lists, check set-outs and select tools to custom-build a chair.