Reflect on your own performance

As soon as you have finished the discussion reflect on how effectively you carried out the discussion.

  • Did you cover the points that you planned to cover?
  • Did you help the team member plan for their own development by providing them with the options for development?
  • What did you share with the team member so that they understand you more?
  • How well did you lead the meeting - were you an effective coach?

Activity 3
Individual activity

Review the staff profiles of Tara and Yui. From their profiles and answers to the questionnare, suggest some areas where you feel they may need some development.

  1. How will you suggest these to the therapist?
  2. How do you think they will respond?
  3. How do you think the discussion will proceed?
  4. What goals would you like the therapist to agree to?

Use your word processor to write a report that answers these questions and use your email tool on the communications page to submit to your teacher.