Leading your team

As a supervisor or manager, part of your role is to lead your team in improving the quality and professionalism of their service. To best do this, you should understand your leadership style.

There are several different ways of measuring leadership style. One useful way is to divide leadership styles into six types:

  • Coercive: "Do what I say"
  • Authoritative: "I'll show you the way to the promised land"
  • Affiliative: "What do you all think?"
  • Democratic: "We're all in this together"
  • Pacesetting: "Here, try it this way"
  • Coaching: "Just watch how I do it"

What are the characteristics of each leadership style?

Why would you use each leadership style?

When is this style of leadership appropriate?

Everybody has their own most comfortable leadership style, though a good leader is able to vary his or her style to suit the circumstances.

Becoming a really great manager and leader is hard work as you have to learn the other styles and recognise when each one is appropriate.

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Individual activity

What is your own natural leadership style? Complete the quizzes on this web site to determine your leadership styles.