Infection Control (Health) Toolbox

Infection Control (Health) Toolbox

This Infection Control (Health) Toolbox provides resources to support the following competencies from the HLT02 Health Training Package:

  • HLTIN1A Comply with infection control policy and procedures
  • HLTIN2A Maintain infection control standards in office practice settings
  • HLTIN3A Implement and monitor infection control policy and procedures.

These competencies have been selected because of their applicability to a wide range of qualifications and employees within the health industry.

These units share common elements of underpinning knowledge and skills, which are covered in 14 learning resources in the Toolbox. These are applied to workplace situations in the 'Scenarios', which are presented at three different levels, corresponding to the three competencies.

The three levels or competencies are described in the Toolbox as:

  • A Health Care Worker (work with Chris)
  • A Health Care Worker in an office practice (work with Kim)
  • A Health Care Worker Supervisor (work with Kerry).

Each of these contains five scenarios which are set in simulated work situations. A 'First time user' section is also available.

A Trainer's Guide is available for the Infection Control (Health) Toolbox.

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